Friday, February 9, 2018


Hi guys! So, Valentines day is around the corner and I am pretty sure that some of you, just like me, are planning on celebrating it with your partner. It doesn't have to be fansy dinner date, it can be just laying on the couch, watching tv and eating pizza. No matter what it is, I think that it is important to show your loved one, you are happy for being with him/her. It is not even focused on gifts, only your present. For those of you who are planning  a dinner, I choose the prettiest outfit, of course, in red color, to  give you some inspiration. I have a really similar dress to this one, but come on, this red color looks so elegant so I definitely need to get myself this one! The price of it is so affordable - only $30! I think that these silver shoes definitely needs to be in everyones wardrobe. Just think of totally casual black outfit.Just put these shoes on yourself and voila! I think these heart earrings are great for this outfit. Not just because of the heart and Valentines day but because of the classic silver and just a little bit of a red.   What item from this wishlist do you like the most?

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  1. Ćao danas sam napisala svoj prvi tekst na blogu pa ukoliko imaš vremena pogledaj, svaka kritika je dobrodošla.


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