Monday, May 15, 2017


Do you remeber my recent wishlist in which one I mentioned drop dead gorgeous satin trainer joggers that I wanted to have? Well, guess what! I got them! Uh, I love them so much. I got them in size M and they fit perfectly on me, can't wait to wear them in public! The material-satin, is obviously so soft and easy to wear. It has pockets and two lines on each side. And also band on the bottom. You will pay $19 for them-amazing deal. You can also get them in navy color. Second piece of clothing I wanted to get is this black drop shoulder crop fishnet hooded t-shirt. It's so cool and I love it! I got in the size S and it  fits perfectly. What I like about it is that you can wear it with some joggers or even dress up your combination more with it. Beside the fact that it's hooded, great thing about it is the price-only $12. You can also get it in two more colors-blue and white. Would love to try white one as well... Both of these pieces are from my fave online store Shein. Make sure to check product information to see more photos of pieces on the model and sizing info. 

Love you! :*

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