Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Hi guys! Todays star is this frilled off the shoulder crop top in white color. There are so much colors to choose from but at the moment white is my favourite color! It comes in one size but don't worry, it is very stretchy if it needs to be so it will look good on almost every sizes. What I need to mention about this crop top is its price-it costs only $10.99! I know, that's amazing! You will find the exact crop top on the other store for price higher 20 times than this one, so it's your choice where to buy it! I am considering getting the one in black or pink color, or maybe both? It's from my favourite online shopping store Zaful. Oh, and I would like to show with you some of their red dresses with sleeves that I really like, so check it out. Along with white, red is one of my favourite color. 


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  1. baš je lijep :D super stoji, divno iskombiniran :)


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