Sunday, May 28, 2017


Hi guys! As some of you may know this already, one of my favourite online shopping stores-Zaful, is having a three-year anniversary very soon! And what it means for us? Well, in few words-many prizes, discounts, free shipping and points on our accounts! Let me tell you more about it…

First thing I recommend you to do is register on Zaful site to be able to get all of these amazing oportunities and you will automaticly get some points that give you discount! Right now I tell you one secret-everyday you log in your account, you get 1 point. When you get to the 50 points, you can use them in your checkout, because 50 points equals $1. Recently I collected and used 400 points and that's $8! That's great deal. If you want to win these points as well just log in on Zaful because there will be few tasks waiting during the anniversary. You can get these points by doing simple steps to win their fineness gifts. At least, that's how I got my points, around Christmas time. Also, everytime you review the product you have bought, you will get a lot of points. I also recommend checking the coupon banner which placed on the front page helps you to enjoy more discount. For example, right now you can use codeAMAYZING5. So when checking out your shopping bag, you can use both coupon code and points as well. Zaful offers us free shipping when spending more than $30 on our order and thats's great but during the anniversary, we won't have to pay shipping even if it's under $30!

Great tip for everyone that want to shop on Zaful-you can always check the reviews of products and can always check if there are photos of these products in the review section of it. It will help you decide if you would like to buy this or another product. I am sure that a lot of you have Instagram, so make sure to follow them there and to check the photos that Zaful is tagged on and checking the Zaful hashtag as well. They often repost photos from our accounts when tagging them so you will also see there how clothes look on others. And one more reason to follow them is because they tell us when they have promotions and they also host instagram giveaways sometimes. You can join their Z-me community that can be found in the top right corner of their site. By joining there and posting photos of your outfits you can get prizes as well. And can also check how the clothes look on others. It is cute comunity that shares outfit ideas and gets you inspired when shopping.  Did you also know that if you invite five of your friends to Zaful and if all of them register, you will get $20 coupon and each of them will get $10 when registering? You can spend it on orders over $50. And on Zaful site, $20 is a lot-recently for $20 I bought here maxi black dress, pair of earrings and a necklace. So, I recommend inviting your friends. It's a win win situation.

It is also worth checking these zones: the "What is worth to buy" zone. It is a place full of buyer reviews to suggest you products which worth to buy.  And then we have the rebate zone-when purchase reaches the target amount will receive a huge discount. Of course it is the best opportunity to get your own unique outfit.It is also worth mentioning the bundle sale zone-buy double but pay little. And the last zone I would like you to know about is the fixed price zone-absolute price products from Zaful. Before even starting shoping on Zaful, I would love you to check these items that are in trend right now. I am sure you will find something for yourself in these sections (because I did):

Make sure to follow Zaful site during their three-year anniversary to win amazing prizes! Happy shopping! :*


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