Saturday, May 20, 2017


Hi my loves! Today I want to show you some amazing and really affordable stuff that I found on one of my favourite online store-Zaful! As you can see from the title, I paid for all of the stuff you are going to see, less than $30! And that's crazy for me to even think about because in my local stores this dress itself would cost $30, bikini as well and jewelry probably around $10. So I am really happy that I got these items and I am more than happy with everything. Where should I start? Ok, so I decided to get myself long off the shoulder black dress because everybody needs to have at least one in their closet, right? This one is really interesting because it has split sleeves and I don't own any similar piece of clothing. You will pay only $10 for this dress, can you believe it! So gorgeous! Also, if you would like to see some more black dresses, I found some mini black dresses that I am sure most of you will like. So check them out! In this post I combined it with two pieces of jewelry-with earrings and the other combination was with necklace. It's crazy that these faux pearl silver earrings cost less than $3-only $2.67. Another great deal! Like I said, I also paired the dress with the necklace and what better necklace to wear today than choker necklace? This rhinestone chain gold choker is so classy and elegant. You can get it in silver color as well but I really wanted this one. And you will pay only $3 for it. Last thing that I got is V string unlined bikini set. Uh, how amazing and flattering it looks on my! Unfortunately right now it is sold out but don't worry I would love to suggest to you to check  some high neck top bikinis! So many to choose from and they look really lovely! 

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