Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you some cute stuff that I got yesterday! I had to take a photo of them the same day I got them so that I can start wearing/using them. Already from the first photo its obvious that I got bralette and eyeglasses. I ordered them from online shopping store that I have recently discovered and already talked about-Banggood. Make sure to check one of my recent post for more information on this store. My package came pretty quick, in about 3 weeks. Let me talk about these cute eyeglasses. I got them in gold color but you can get them in silver as well. I always wanted to wear glasses, it always looked cool to me, but hey, isn't this so much better option-not having to wear them because my eyes are healthy but still being able to be fashionable and to wear them?! It's so cool! They are unisex so both men and women can wear them and it comes in one size (you can see the measurement in product description). You will pay only $4.89 for it. And may I say that I feel so smart wearing them! Next thing I got is this cute lace bralette in white color. It has flower lace all over it and is sheer. You can also get it in black color. There are all sizes to choose from and I chose the L size and it fits perfect on me! You can see the size chart in product description. It has adjustable shoulder straps. I am definitely thinking about ordering the one in the black color. 
Do you like these items?


  1. Onožavam ove naočare, pogotovo u srebrnoj boji i da, i ja se osećam pametnije kada ih nosim. Predobar post! Bralet je takodje divaaan. 💕

    1. Ja sam se teško odlučila, ali sam ipak odabrala zlatno i drago mi je! Iako se ne bih bunila da imam i srebrne. :D Daaaa! <3


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