Friday, March 9, 2018


Womens day 2018 passed one day ago but we are still celebrating it! By that I mean that one of my fave online shopping store Rosegal is still celebrating women's day 2018. They made the womens day special promotions for us that still lasts. It's nice to know that they are thinking of us and giving us even more offers, deals and special prices everyday around womens day. Today I wanted to share with you these bags. All of them are on sale and I have to admit - great sale, because some of these prices are crazy great! Each bag is really special and could be worn with almost everything and would make the whole combination more beautiful. Do you agree with me? Which bag would you choose? Make sure to check Rosegal sale!

Make sure to check more information on these bags:


  1. samo mi se druga po redu ne sviđa, ostale su lijepe :)

    1. Aha razumijem te, meni je totalno drugačija od svega što imam pa mi se zato jako sviđa. :)


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