Sunday, March 5, 2017


Hello my dears! In todays post I want to show you some things that I want and definitely need for my room decor. As some of you may know, I love fashion, but one thing I love more about it decor and sometimes it is not good because I can spend hours on my laptop trying to find the perfect thing for my room. You also know that I love finding new store to shop on so I wanted to share with you new one that I have found just recently-BANGGOOD. If you are curios about this online store, let me introduce you with it:

"Welcome, here at we believe in providing not only the best products but also the best support and service to you our customers. If you don't already know our motto is best bang for your buck and we’re proud to offer you exclusive deals and promotions just for you.
Banggood was founded in 2006, specializing in computer software research and development. Focusing on foreign trade e-commerce. From there it developed into an online retailer for almost everything you need for living and entertaining. We have 4 offices, one in Hong Kong, one in Shenzhen,one in Hangzhou, and one in Yiwu. 
Banggood’s heart is in Guangzhou it is where all the Banggood magic happens, there you will find our main office housing 1000+ employees from customer service to product managers. The whole team is committed to providing low price, high quality products and professional services to global customers."

They have over 70,000 products across a wide range of categories including: apple accessories, cell phones, electronics, RC toys, LED lights, clothing, beauty, jewelry, and watches. My three favourite categories are home decor, beauty and clothing!

I like the fact that there are so many things they have free shipping on, in fact, almost every product that I have checked is marked as free shipping product. That's amazing because all of these products are already really affordable so I cannot wait to order something from them and to show to you how it looks! They explained really good their shipping on their site so check it out or just read the photos below:

Now on the fun part! Let's start with the pillows. I have so many pillows on my bed but can't help and need to get some more, so I chosed the one in lips shape in pink color and the one that say Mrs always right. Both of these are so cute and cheap! Make sure to click on photos to she more information on products!

I have been wanting led lights in my room since my birth probably and never end up buying it! I already know where would I put these, so gorgeous! I would choose them in cold white color. 

I really love flowers but sad truth-if I have them in my room they end up dying sooner that they should because I forget to water them so having flowers I don't need to take care off sounds like a dream! I would get them in white because it is my favourite color, but there are few more options you can choose from and you get a set of 10 of them.

I need some wall art in my room to make it more alive so this is would look perfect! 

And the last thing in my wishlist is clock! My whole room is in white and silver colors but lately I have been thinking about adding golds and pink colors! And also, I don't have a clock in my room so that's another reason for getting one-obviously! If you don't want the gold one, there are few more versions of it to choose from. And it's price is only $16. 

What do you like the most from my wishlist? Have you ever bought something from the Banggood store?

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